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TOWTG provides clean air and surface solutions, for interiors, exteriors for land, air, and sea.


Protect surfaces and provide cleaner air by using a simple and cost-effective, 4 step process called GO360, which delivers at least 12 months protection from viruses (including SARS Cov-2), odours, mould (including in AC systems) and bacteria on all surfaces after just one application.

Maintain interiors and exteriors using responsible products which complement the GO360 process. Newly designed water makers and a machine to convert grey and black water into clean water complete a suite of products helping to care for people’s health and the environment.

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With an increased emphasis on hygiene, we are challenged by using more chemicals, needing more storage space, and more transportation, all of which are damaging to the environment, causing more wear and tear to fixtures and fittings and ultimately costing more.

The GO360 process, is easy and quick to apply, giving over 12 months protection from viruses (including SARS COV-2), mould (including in AC systems), odours, and bacteria by following 4 simple steps.

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Step 1 - GOZone

GOZone is an ozone generating machine placed in an area ahead of the application, to rapidly sanitise a room's every surface. This negates the need to manually clean it and ensuring those hard-to-reach areas are spotless within minutes.

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Step 2 - GOTitano

Once the area to be treated is spotlessly clean, GOTitano is applied using an electrostatic pressure sprayer. This is a quick and simple process, allowing people to enter the room immediately after application.

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Step 3 - GOSense

GOSense is a small apparatus which monitors air quality, energy usage, ambient light levels, and humidity. This in-room system provides data to any device, alerting the user on the cleanliness and efficiency of spaces.

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Step 4 - GOClean

GOClean for ongoing cleaning and maintenance in any area as necessary, using a chemical free, water based biocide that can be even be produced in-house, thereby avoiding deliveries and ever being without this product.

Rigorous Testing

The liquid products used as part of the GO360 process have been vigorously tested for their efficacy, longevity, and compliance by independent laboratories in Germany. The products have the following credentials;

GOZone is listed under the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency Article 93 and 95 lists) a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. It also promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances in order to reduce the number of tests on animals.

GOTitano and GOClean are also listed under ECHA (see above). Environmentally non-hazardous – all liquid products mentioned are water based and contain levels of substances that are considered to have negligible effects on the environment.

Further technical information can be supplied upon request.



Water is a precious resource; whether because it’s due to scarcity or because vast quantities of it are needed for a particular industry such as growing fresh produce or for yachting where boats need cleaning. Aquatethys (Tethys being the Greek goddess of fresh water) machine can provide unlimited quantities of water by creating it from the atmosphere through a simple but clever process of extracting moisture from the air.


The units are able to operate using different energy sources (including solar) for flexible installation in any environment, anywhere in the world, on land and sea, including on board yachts and vehicles.  The largest machine can produce up to 50,000 litres of water daily in an autonomous and ecological way; adding extra components can increase this volume infinitely. Energy consumption varies between 30 to 100 watts per litre, compared to 400 to 800 watts for existing systems, a significant difference, making this machine exceptionally efficient.

For more information on Aquatethys, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the site.


The Open World Technology Group


TOWTG was founded in the UK with a singular mission to deliver environmentally safe products and hygienic surfaces, and clean air and water to businesses, transport, public health, educational facilities and numerous other sectors.


One of the main aims is to provide reassurance to employees, guests and visitors after the COVID pandemic. TOWTG also has a vision to fight climate change in line with the UN global vision for both 2030 and 2050 by providing environmentally responsible products.

TOWTG (part of SIA Holding) has been founded by two consultants, Saad Audeh and Mike Reeves known to each other for more than forty years. Both have much experience in the airline, travel, construction and hospitality industries. They joined forces in 2018 recognising the potential of the GO360 process and the various other ground-breaking products they’ve since helped to develop and discover.


Our Co-Founder: Saad Audeh

Always looking to the future, Saad Audeh is keen to help develop ecological and environmentally friendly products for various industries, which include clean air and surface solutions, cleaning products, water making and water cleaning technology.

Having achieved a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Reading, in 1991, he joined the family business where his creativity and clever use of design served him well when he created a coffee brand from concept to sale and distribution. Over the years, Saad’s ability to identify, attract and nurture new business as a result of his strong networking skills, has ultimately resulted in mutually beneficial and successful business relationships within a diverse international market.

As owner of Campbell GRAY Hotels, Saad has the opportunity to promote the use of ecological products within the service and hospitality industry.


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